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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Linkedin permanently running on the blackberry

Having owned a blackberry for around nine months now, I know some of the things to be aware of.  Firstly always close down apps properly by pressing the back button and not the end call button, as the end call button leaves your app running in the background consuming data and burning battery.

For some reason the Linkedin app runs in the background permanently, consuming processor power, data and potentially battery life.  Not a clue why it does this and the only way I can stop this is by uninstalling it. Which I don't want to, as Linkedin is a useful app to have.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Uses for the Kinect SDK

With Microsoft releasing the Kinect SDK, theres bound to be some good ideas for applications of Microsofts gesture control/depth perception/body tracking technology.  It'll be interesting to see how people apply it.

Pothole detection
 Using Kinects 3D camera coupled to a vehicle, netbook device and a GPS receiver potholes in the road could be automatically detected and recorded (down to position and depth/type of pothole).  Local councils could fit out bin lorries or similar and would have an accurate picture of potholes on their roads just by the lorries doing their day to day task.

Customer monitoring
Using Kinects ability to detect motion and people, it could be possible for shops to monitor traffic in their stores and use it to build up a picture of peak opening hours (so that staff numbers can be increased at these times) or even to analyse the way people move around the store to aid in store design.  It could also aid in post event analysis of fire drills etc to see how people leave the store in a fire drill so as to better site firedoors etc.

I hope to have a play with it myself in days to come, will be interesting to see what an inexperienced programmer such as myself can achieve.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crystal Reports Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) - Consuming increasing amounts of server hard disk space

Recently had issues with BOE continually running out of hard disk space, despite going through housekeeping on the drives and freeing up additional space.

It seems that BOE builds a temporary file for each report rendered for users, as more and more users request more and more reports these temporary files build up.  Also Xcelsius dashboards were creating temporary SWF files and causing the same problem.

Removing these files resolves the problem in the short term although they quickly build up again.  A script or similar can be written to flush this folder on a frequent basis to prevent this.  Also have a look at the number of instances you are running and their associated expiry date.